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At the ECONOMIC EDUCATION INITIATIVE (EEI), we are convinced that clear and accessibly communicated ideas are – paraphrasing Jacob Bronowski – “the cutting edge of the mind”. Real prosperity is impossible without sound economic thinking.

Real prosperity is impossible without sound economic thinking.

Thus, the EEI is a project aiming for the promotion of better understanding of market principles which are rooted in economic freedom, i.e. an uncompromising respect for private property, voluntary exchange and contracts.

Our economies are "mixtures" in which these principles certainly play a more or less important role. However, national and international governments have added numerous regulations, sometimes completely destroying the coordinating virtues of those market principles.

Their direct, and especially indirect, pernicious effects are seldom apprehended and understood in their entirety by the general public. Paradoxically, because of economic fallacies and bad economic thinking, these effects serve as pretext for adding new layers of regulation. The nature and details of this whole process will also logically be at the centre of the EEI’s activity.

"The EEI’s Mission:

 ¤ to promote good understanding of market principles (private property, freedom of contracts)

 ¤ to analyse the perverse effects of regulations and the economic fallacies behind them.

 The specificity of EEI is to provide educational multimedia resources (in French and/or English) to the general public, including cartoons and comics for the youth!

The EEI benefits from the experience and expertise of a network of academic professors, economists and professionals.